Terme di Roma History

Baths of Rome are very ancient and both literature and history exalted the beneficial effects of sulphurous waters, called Acque Albule.

So many Latin authors and Roman emperors loved so much therapeutic qualities of the baths that they always tried to exploit it at most. And so it was in the following periods of history.

Baths of Rome are one of the main attractions in Tivoli, above all from 2000, when baths developed to become one of the most advanced European spas. Nowadays the spa in Tivoli offers both medical therapies and aesthetic treatments for a 360° wellness.

Acque Albule mantains a constant temperature of 23°C and can offer the anti-inflammatory effect of sulfur. Treatments are complemented by whirlpool, sauna, massages, oriental disciplines, facial and beauty treatments in general, color therapy, music therapy and aromatherapy. In summertime, moreover, outside pools are open to the public.