Tivoli is one of the most interesting cities near Rome thanks to its strategic position, to famous baths and to the beautiful villas, as Villa d’Este, Villa Adriana and Villa Gregoriana. For years, it was an important transition area for trade and an important area to control the region, so many peoples tried to conquer it, leaving signs of their domination.

Sanctuary of Hercules Victor and Villa Adriana, for example, dates back Roman times, while Rocca Pia was built in XV century, to make the city safe from enemy attacks; Villa d’Este, instead, was realized during the Renaissance, while Villa Gregoriana, with its great naturalistic area, in the XIX century. Tivoli has changed many times during the centuries, but these elements remained to represent the real city’s treasures.

Acque Albule or better Baths of Rome are further attraction of the city: sulphurous waters attract everyday hundreds of people in search of wellness and relaxation. Around the city, tourists are also able to practice particular activities or sports, such as trekking in the surrounding natural areas, nordic walking, rafting along the river Aniene, caving or rock climbing in the park of Simbruini Mountains and skiing in winter.

Finally, Tivoli organizes many events dedicated to art, culture, theatre and typical products and, in few minutes, some theme parks can be reached.