Villa d'Este

Villa D'Este

During the Renaissance, Este family wanted to leave a sign in Tivoli, thanks to cardinal Ippolito II, who decided to build a beautiful villa where enclose the best elements of Roman, French and Ferrara’s courts. Pirro Ligorio was the architect in charge of the building project, which was to become a World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful villas in Italy.

Villa d’Este is characterized by some apartments and a main floor, where there were many works by the most important artists of the Roman Mannerism, such as Livio Agresti, Federico Zuccari, Durante Alberti, Girolamo Muziano, Cesare Nebbia e Antonio Tempesta, among the others.

Villa d’Este is one of the masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance and it has always been a source of inspiration for the great skill in garden design. Its typical “Italian gardens” are truly spectacular thanks to statues, decorations, fountains, water games, caves and hydraulic music. Villa d’Este is one of the main archaeological sites to visit in Tivoli and it’s also a perfect location for photo shoots and various cultural events.

Tivoli is also a new wedding destination. Villa d’Este, for example, is a wonderful location for photo shoots, among fountains, statues and nature. Here couples can breathe art and history and can find a very romantic background to immortalize their perfect day. Moreover, Grand Hotel Duca d’Este offers an elegant location to celebrate weddings. It has many dining rooms and a striking garden with pool to organize events outside. A professional staff is also available to meet every needs of the guests to make perfect and unforgettable the wedding day. Find more information on the website: